Life Coaching: A Guide

At one point or another, some people, especially young adults, will experience a time in their lives where they will feel the need for someone to guide them and help them realize their real purpose in life to achieve personal success that is fulfilling enough for them. Although commonly confused with counselling and therapy, life coaching is profoundly different as it offers a more personal level of resolution by enlightening individuals to find the answers within themselves so that they can be eventually independent but efficient in resolving their life issues in the future.

Life coaching is a profession that needs dedication and having a passion for helping people find their way for their personal growth and development. Life coaches help people identify what they want in life, what their goals are, and what they want to be eventually. By empowering them using the right questions and providing sound advices, individuals can feel more enlightened and purposeful, with more focus in achieving what they really want in life. Although this life crisis of confusion is more common in young adults that are yet to decide on their goals, there is no limit in the age group that can seek the advice of life coaches, as there are also older clients that feel the need for a meaningful personal advice to be successful in their business and personal life. Here's a good read about  transformational leadership coaching , check it out! 

Life coach training can also be an effective leadership training for professionals that want to excel in their career and be successful in their chosen path. Depending on program and coach chosen, the length of sessions may vary from a few hours per day or week, and can even be done through phone calls or video calls. Different coaches typically have their own technique in empowering their clients, although most coaches always design a specific "alliance" program with their clients on the first session to understand their clients better. Life coaches are also often called personal development coaches because of their role in making their clients better individuals that are enlightened and empowered.

For individuals that want to practice the profession of life coaching, training programs can be taken in schools and other learning institutions that offer executive coaching certification for life coaches. However, aspiring professionals must choose a program that is compatible for them by obtaining program information from their chosen school first to find out if it will fit their personality and ideas, especially that one school that may fit someone may not fit another.